Bergen County, New Jersey

Nightly Accommodations Designed Just For Cats

Frequently Asked Questions


What are your rates per night?

The price per night depends on the length of stay. The longer your cat stays with us, the lower the price per night.  If you are boarding more than one cat in the same suite, we charge an additional $10 per cat, per night.  A second suite needed for cats that would board separately is an additional $20 per night.   We accept credit cards, cash or check.  For information about our rates, please contact us. 

Will my cat be held in a cage?

NO!  We custom built our cattery without the use of any cages!  All cats that board with us will spend their time in one of our kitty suites. The kitty suites are independent rooms available in various sizes. Each suite features windows and all glass doors that give your cat plenty of space to feel comfortable and secure!

How many cats can I board at one time?

Most of our suites are large enough to hold 2-5 cats at one time!  For those who need to board more than 5 cats, we offer you the ability to book two suites to insure your large cat family has plenty of purrrsonal space!  *based on availability. 

What if my cat does not like other cats?

All cats boarding at Stay Kitty Stay are able to remain completely independent from the  general population of cats located within our cattery.  If your cat is uncomfortable around other cats they will be kept in their own private kitty suite for the entire length of their stay.   During each day your cat will be able to roam freely within our cattery to gain some exercise and stimulation.  They would be the only cat in the cattery at this time and it is about 30 minutes of free roaming twice a day. 

Can I visit your location before I board my cat(s)

YES!  our cattery is built on private property to keep the cats we care for safe and secure. If you would like to set up a tour of our facility please contact us.  We also offer Skype and FaceTime tours for those who are not able to get to our facility.  All tours are made by appointment only.  

What health records do you require for boarding?

All cats must be healthy and vaccinated prior to boarding.  We require each cat to verify a recent rabies and distemper vaccine. The distemper vaccine must be administered 7 days prior to boarding to insure they have developed the immunity before their stay.  If your cat will eventually be free roaming within our cattery, we require documentation of a negative FIV & FLev blood test.    Please see below our boarding policy & procedures.  


Where are you located?

Stay Kitty Stay is located just 25 miles outside of NYC in Northern, New Jersey.  We are accessible by train or bus, and provide transportation to and from our cattery within a 50 mile radius. We do not publicize or publicly list our address to keep our guest cats safe and secure while they are with us.  If you would like to visit our facility, tours are always welcome by appointment.  Please contact us to set up an appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Stay Kitty Stay understands that travel plans can change easily.  Therefore, we have instituted a flexible cancellation policy. Your payment for boarding is due on or before the first day of your boarding reservation.  If you decide to cancel your reservation anytime prior to the start of your reservation date, there is no penalty.   We do ask that if your plans should change please notify us or cancel your reservation online through our reservation portal.

*During our high season (summer & holidays) we may receive multiple reservation requests and will require a payment in advance to reserve your suite.   This would occur only if we were completely booked during the time of your reservation.

To learn more about our cancellation policy, please contact us!