Bergen County, New Jersey

Nightly Accommodations Designed Just For Cats

Cat Approved and Kitty Certified!

Stay Kitty Stay is a cat sitting service that offers overnight accommodations just for cats!  All guest cats spend their time in large kitty suites located within our custom built cattery. There Are No Cages!  

We have 10 suites in various sizes to accommodate 1-6 cats at one time.  

Our experienced staff provides plenty of attention and stimulation to prevent your cat from feeling lonely or bored.  

We are located just outside NYC in Bergen County, NJ and provide transportation to and from our facility!    

Contact us to learn more about our location and the luxurious all cat accommodations we offer!


 Our custom built kitty suites provide your cat all the stimulation, exercise, and rest they need. We offer various cat boarding suites that can  hold 1-6 cats comfortably.   

Each suite features all glass doors, secure windows overlooking a garden,  cat climbing & scratching toys,  as well as personalized attention throughout the day!  

Need long term boarding?  If your cat is comfortable, and likes other cats, you can choose to let your cat roam free within our cattery with other healthy, cat friendly cats.   This is especially important during long term stays since it will give your cat the ability to roam freely, and engage with other cats, lowering their level of boredom, stress and anxiety!

 We have developed a successful process of introducing cats to a new group of kitties without stress or anxiety.  

You are welcome to tour our facility to see for yourself the suite your cat(s) would spend their time in during their stay. Tours are booked by appointment only. Please contact us to set up a tour!


As an all cat sitting service that is managed by a cat rescue organization, our staff is highly experienced with cats of all ages, temperaments, and medical conditions.     

Rest assured your cat will be safe and secure during their time with us! A member of our staff visits your cat multiple times throughout the day to insure that all their needs are met. 

 Since our cattery is built on privately owned property, someone is always on the premises.  We keep our location private to the general public to protect our guest kitties from unknown and random visitors.  We have a well designed security system which includes 24/7 monitoring of your cat in their suite during their stay with us!

Is your cat on medication? No problem! We offer medical boarding and can easily accommodate medical and special health care requests. This includes medicine administration, wound care, and insulin injections. *small fee applies.